When should a website owner think about upcoming changes on their resource? There are certain indicators by which you can determine that it is time to change something. The main parameter is the drop in conversion. This is where the problems with site traffic and its work begin. Let's figure out what indicators should become indicative in order to start restructuring the site.

According to research, 3/4 of users trust a company based on website design. You need to understand how relevant the design of the resource is. Intuitive functionality eliminates the difficulty of understanding the structure and navigation. Heavy and incomprehensible content causes misperception of information. Is it easy to add a product to your site when you need it?

10 signs that your website needs to be changed.

  1. The most important reason is the drop in conversions.

    This is a direct indicator that something is wrong with the site. Attendance is declining. People do not go to the resource, respectively, sales are falling. What might customers not like? Does the design inspire confidence? There is no content or there is too much of it, it is hard to perceive. A resource that is not popular falls in the search results. As a result: few people visit the site, it disappears from the TOP-10, even fewer people get to it.

    If your product is in demand on the market, it is well bought, but there are fewer and fewer sales from the site. Perhaps the path of making a purchase contains ambiguities, people do not want to figure out where to go, where to click. Therefore, it is very important that the ordering process is as easy and affordable as possible.
  2. Design and visual elements.

    If at first glance you can’t see which elements need to be highlighted, which of them are the main ones, and which can be put into the background. Engage outsiders to evaluate the following: a) does the design attract attention? b) can he inspire confidence in the company? c) semantic elements are highlighted in bright color, can they be immediately noticed? d) Can some colors irritate?

    It's no secret that colors act on a person in a magical way. The color of the background of your site depends on the susceptibility of people. Colors can set you in a calm mood, or they can evoke aggressive emotions. Therefore, approach the choice of color carefully. This is the first thing to think about when creating a design.
  3. Long loading site.

    If the site loading takes longer than 3 seconds, then it's time to do something about it. The use of mobile phones and the enormous increase in the number of sites has led to the fact that today the user is ready to wait no more than 3 seconds. It happens that if the site does not load instantly, a person immediately presses “Back”. It depends on the download speed whether people will visit your resource or not. Therefore, search engines take into account the loading of the site first of all for issuance in the TOP.

    Going to the Google Analytics section "Behavior - Loading Speed", you will see pages that take a long time to load. What to do with them to reduce the waiting time? Use the Pagespeed Insight tool.

  4. The database is so large that it needs to be transferred to 1C.

    The 1C program improves business efficiency, optimizes, and reduces costs. Automation of sites brings tangible results. 1C is a reliable and faithful assistant in this matter.

    Such a step is necessary for those who develop their business and increase the number of goods or services. The program conducts postings, takes into account bank and cash settlements, creates tax reporting, keeps records of products, manages personnel and wages. You will not have “stuck” balances in the warehouse, the prices on the site will be up-to-date, the introduction of new products will be faster than if you do it manually. The client quickly receives the order, as the system quickly processes it. The work of the company in general will be more productive.
  5. CMS is too old.

    Content management system may be outdated. When it comes time to change it, it is best to contact the web studio. IT companies often have their own systems. They will install the new version for you, teach you how to use it and install timely updates. In this case, you may need to create a new site.
  6. Website usability is low.

    Most do not attach importance to the site's convenient navigation and understandable structure. Although these are the key points on which usability depends. You can calculate user behavior using Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics.

    When you analyze the behavior of visitors, you will understand exactly how to optimize the navigation menu. Such changes can add an average of 60% to the conversion and 70% to the average check.
  7. Lots of answers, no questions.

    SEO specialists are sure that for high traffic, in addition to answers, there must be questions. This approach will help those who are looking for information on the Internet by voice request. Voice search has been gaining popularity lately. The site must be adapted for issuance in the TOP positions for this search method.

  8. Structure optimization.

    A site update is necessary if the catalogs are full, the pages contain a large number of cases. It is best to turn to strangers with a request to see your site, namely: ease of navigation, ease of perception of product catalogs, speed of obtaining the required information. A third-party evaluation will give an independent result. From here you will start from what points should be changed in the work of the site.
  9. The direction of the business has changed.

    If you used to sell equipment, and now you decide to rent it out, you will have to change many points on the resource. The process of selling/renting will be completely different. The structure needs to be modernized.
  10. Using HTTPS.

    The protocol is needed to encrypt user data. Google sets an important parameter for a site to have HTTPS. The search engine better ranks resources that have this protocol. When users visit such sites, there is no message about the insecurity of the resource. In addition, the download speed increases, which will affect the ranking of the project.


The time of visiting the site by each user is not an approximate parameter. Much more important is the conversion of the resource: whether the visitor took the main steps to purchase the product or not. Follow the simple rules listed above and your site will rank TOP in search engine results.