The question of the features of SEO promotion trends in 2022 is of interest not only to performers, but also to customers. I am interested in what innovations will work in 2022 and which of these will be relevant for 2-3 years, and which will have to be abandoned, but at the same time not to break the site. How much longer will this direction as SEO last. We will consider which trends will be relevant, and which algorithms should be guided in order not to lose top positions in Google search results.

Every year, search engines introduce new algorithms and trends that affect the place of a resource in search engines. The Internet is changing every day and website owners are trying to keep up to keep their websites up and running.

New SEO trends are emerging thanks to search engine optimization. Those who want to keep their site in the TOP always follow the latest trends. If this is not done, not only traffic will decrease, but competitors will also be overtaken.

What will appear in 2022, what will you have to focus on, and what will remain the same? All the features of SEO site promotion need to be known not only to owners, but also to SEO specialists.

Content changes.

The main guideline regarding content will be its usefulness. The emphasis should be on content. Ideally, this should not be an advertisement for the product, but should be a meaningful meaning that will indirectly promote the product. It used to be like this. The content posted on the main page had an indirect value. The main thing was its presence, and not its informativeness, only this was enough for the site, subject to other requirements, to be raised to the TOP. It turned out this:

  • the work of the copywriter was reduced only to the fact that the text should have existed at all, it should have contained exact or diluted keywords, the nausea of their use, the volume of keys and their frequency, the information content of the text was not taken into account at all;
  • few people were interested in the qualitative implementation of the semantic core, the media content on the pages was conditional.

Users did not like this state of affairs. Therefore, bots with new algorithms have appeared that track content according to new rules. Not only high-frequency and mid-frequency queries are taken into account, but also micro-frequency, associative and thematic words. how to sell web design services

It is planned that the algorithms will be configured in such a way that users will be offered only informative pages, regardless of what format the site is being searched for. Today it is possible to implement such an approach only by 20%. Everything goes to ensure that there is more useful content. In 2017, the Baden-Baden algorithm was introduced, which monitors the usefulness, reliability, and information content of articles. This is a guideline for several years ahead. For marketers, the main task will be to disseminate information not only online, but also offline. It will be necessary to use all possible ways of disseminating information about the product, since the user will look for something about the product everywhere and everywhere before buying it.

Focus on smartphones.

This is perhaps the most important trend in 2022. To date, the number of mobile phone users to search for any information on the Internet is growing rapidly than those who still use a desktop computer. Therefore, any site must be adapted for mobile devices.

Search engines check the convenient location of order buttons, toolbars, readability of texts. And let's talk about the loading of the site separately - here every second is precious. It is noticed that the user is ready to wait 2-3 seconds. If the download takes longer, the person immediately goes to the resource of competitors. This particular attention.

Best of all, if the adaptive version is developed on the same resource, you should not make a separate version for mobile devices.

Company reputation.

Search engines no longer focus only on key queries. Therefore, the site must be convincing for the search engine. One of the areas of SEO is also brand reputation, that is, how much people generally trust this company.

In the first place will be those sites whose companies have positive reviews and good advertising. But it's no secret that positive reviews can be bought.

Now, for the search engine, the guideline will be completely different:

  • the company must cooperate with other firms;
  • portals post news about the company;
  • how well-known personalities feel about the project;
  • how many complaints are received from customers and how they are resolved in the company.

Voice search. APM system.

More and more people are using voice search. Therefore, SEO specialists will have to optimize sites for voice searches. For example, in the US, about 40% of consumers use this convenient feature. The search engine gives the page you are looking for after a voice request. This is a great way to make the ordering process a lot easier. However, here the user needs to give precise characteristics in order to find what he is looking for, and not just describe what he wants.

The APM system helps to search for information, articles, access video files and texts. Since ease of use is at its highest level, this way of searching applies to mobile devices. To adjust your site to work with APM, you need to use the latest versions of JavaScript, HTML. This approach affects the stability and level of the resource. This technology is used by search engines and it can become one of the main trends in 2022 for SEO optimization.


The digital world continues to evolve at a rapid pace. All new algorithms affect the result of issuing sites in Google. Therefore, SEO specialists follow the latest trends. In 2022, many algorithms will continue to work, however, there will be a stronger emphasis on something. All of the above should not be missed. Keep up with the times so as not to get lost among competitors and be the first.