A whole team is involved in the development of the site, in which everyone performs their task. The work is distributed among the departments of developers, layout designers, copywriters and designers. Let's talk about the last ones. If your goal is a unique website design, then it is better to contact an experienced professional. But if you are satisfied with the presence of a standard resource, then template design is also suitable. What works better? Let's figure it out.

Template design.

A site on a template is such a site, the design of which was not developed individually for the customer. You can also choose a template yourself. It is enough to watch a couple of training videos, practice on the “draft” version, and then introduce new knowledge into the creation of a template design. Templates are sold in special online stores. But they are also free. It can be slightly corrected and further implemented in the administrative panel.

Benefits of template design:

  • Low cost. There are many free options on the Internet with which you can create your own design based on ready-made examples. Enter your design preferences. Execution will be simple and unpretentious. The word "free" is magical. However, you must understand the level of such designs.
  • Time resource saving. Many people want everything at once. This option is perfect for those who need a website simple and fast. Keep in mind that you won't get huge sales from a simple site. If you need a resource as a representation of your company, then a few days of design development will suit you. Large online stores or serious sites will not use this design option. Despite this, the template design of the resource still finds its users.
  • See the effectiveness of this design. Using the standard view as an example, you can see how people relate to your site. Should it be corrected? Maybe having a unique design will not increase the number of sales in your particular market segment. If other sites use the usual design, then it works. Why reinvent the wheel? Use what someone else came up with before you.
  • Template design can be a good basis for developing something unique. You will save time and money on platform development. Take a ready-made one, and an intelligent designer will bring it to perfection.

Disadvantages of using ready-made themes.

It may turn out that the disadvantages of the finished version will arise only after the launch of the project. And it is the lack of unique design that leads to a stupor in development.

  • There are no usage documents, or they are incomplete. In the development of unique designs, developers use special documents. They should contain plugins and modules that help you install and work with the settings correctly.
  • Encoded elements are not modifiable. Often the standard set of elements cannot be adjusted. Many ready-made themes are designed for specific jobs. Some parts are encoded in such a way that they cannot be changed. Modules and plugins can create code conflicts.
  • Restoring templates. Often, template authors correct and supplement their work. However, after such updates, certain sections of the site may not work correctly. You need to be sure that the updates do not touch your codes. Before you start updating, make a backup copy of the design. When optimizing, make sure the template is up to date so your version won't crash. When the innovations are over, correct the site code so that its functionality is not broken.
  • Paid and free technical support. However, some authors offer their help in the form of support. Specialists earn on the development of templates, so they do not refuse to answer questions from their customers. If you find a bug, you'll have to wait for the author to fix it. In addition, the developer has the right to close the project.
  • Exclusivity. Today, in order to stand out from the background of numerous competitors, you need to be original. Business owners who have standard sites will certainly not attract new customers through the world wide web. And this is despite the fact that what percentage of people now solve their problems through the Internet.

Unique design.

What can be said about the original design. A template site can also be suitable, but only if it contains all the settings, is optimized for SEO, made by professionals, modern and of high quality. Web Design Agencies should be easy.

A unique design is developed individually for each project, meets the specific needs of the client, following the trends of the modern market.

Advantages of a site with a unique design:

  • Originality. This is the main advantage. If you order a design from a specialist, you can be sure that there will definitely not be another one like it on the Internet. All graphics are completely unique. This will show up in conversions and traffic.
  • Individual wishes. When you use the template version, you cannot implement your personal wishes. And if you collaborate with a designer, your ideas about the design of the site will be used. The professional will advise certain changes, based on current proposals.
  • The work of specialists. In an IT firm, design is done by a group of professionals. It is in this case that all stages of creation will be observed. In addition, an SEO specialist will give recommendations on how to arrange graphic elements to achieve high conversion.

Disadvantages that may occur in creating a unique design:

  • The main disadvantage is the cost. You have to pay well for good design. If you are on a budget, you can turn to freelance services. However, in addition to the advantages, there may be disadvantages. The decision must be balanced. The IT studio will provide high quality, but you will have to pay a round sum.
  • Temporary resources. If you are willing to wait, then know that the process of creating a unique design can take up to a month. Remember that quality work is not done in 1 day.


We considered the advantages and disadvantages of the two design options. The last word is always yours. Based on your expectations from the design of the site, choose the first or second design method. If your project is large and long-term, then you should not skimp on creating an individual design.