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The client for the development of a large-scale CRM/ERP system was a retail business company with a large staff of more than 1000 people, including managers of regional outlets, branches, logistics service employees, etc. The company needed to develop a solution to digitize the records of both customers and the company's product range.


Business Challenges

Before developing the project, we identified the main tasks that needed to be implemented:

  1. Perform a multi-factor analysis of the company’s business processes
  2. Develop a project concept
  3. Perform a comprehensive development of all functional sections of the project
  4. Work out the UI/UX of the CRM/ERP system to ensure the most comfortable user interaction with the project
  5. Develop the integration part with the client’s e-commerce projects
  6. Technical implementation of the project, including the front part of the project and the user's personal account, which is a huge functional part of the project


The target audience of the solution is all owners of retail stores and companies, for whom the issue of accounting for goods and services is relevant.

The Promodex team decided to implement the project in the following stages:

  1. Perform niche and competitor analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses
  2. Analyze the Ukrainian market to identify the most responsive audience for the future typical solution
  3. Create a project concept and work out a CRM/ERP system
  4. Work out the UI/UX of the project based on the analytics
  5. Implement CRM/ERP design following modern web design trends and taking into account the mobile version of the system
  6. Implement the required work pool on the front-end and back-end parts
  7. Develop the following CRM/ERP parts:
    • Call planner and accounting of customer calls in connection with digital PBX
    • Multifunctional dashboard for every type of user
    • Order management in conjunction with more than a dozen of the client's online stores based on different frameworks
    • Client management module
    • Module for analysis of prices and nomenclature of suppliers
    • Supply forecasting module based on current balances and demand for certain goods of past periods
    • Corporate chat system
    • Automatic billing system
    • The module of detailed statistics on interaction with each client
    • Price list template for partners and retail chains
    • Quality control of managers' calls with the ability to listen to call recordings through the CRM interface
    • Integration with the company's corporate mail server
    • Report Builder
    • Internal analytics system for sales, deliveries, price dynamics, traffic to the client's online stores, etc
    • Corporate knowledge base
    • Monitoring changes in the price lists of suppliers and competitors
    • Automated generation of price lists in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats
    • Report on the movement of goods
    • Report on mutual settlements with contractors
    • Formation of transport and logistics routes
    • Billing module payments and settlements with full-time and freelance employees
  8. Develop the following CRM/ERP user types:
    • Call center operator
    • Sales manager
    • Warehouse manager
    • Storekeeper
    • Forwarder
    • Logistician
    • Supply manager
    • Accountant
    • Financial director
    • Head of Sales Department
    • Head of the supply department
    • Director of the company
  9. Test the project, including load tests, usability, performance, and security
  10. To promote the project on the future SaaS solution in the Ukrainian market

Technical Information

A team of 17 people took part in the project implementation: project managers (1x Senior and 1x Middle), business analyst (2x Senior), marketer, UI/UX specialist, front-end developer (1x Senior, 2x Middle), back-end developer (1x Senior, 2x Middle), and QA specialists (3x Middle), content managers (2x Middle).

The CRM/ERP system was developed using the Laravel Framework, as this platform meets all technical requirements and customer preferences.

Opens correctly on desktop browsers:

  • Chrome (63+)
  • Firefox (58+)
  • Opera (50+)
  • Safari (10+)
  • Edgе (12+)

Responsive version of the website:

  • Full-width starts at 1200px
  • The tablet version starts at 768px wide
  • The mobile version starts at 320px wide

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Value Delivered

The Promodex team developed a turnkey solution within 25 working days: from the main idea to the product implementation and conducting a research advertising campaign to assess the perception of a new product by users.

The Promodex team implemented a turnkey solution within 160 working days: from the client's request to the implementation of the CRM to the Laravel framework. At the moment, active project work continues, which includes technical support.

Capabilities of the accounting system-CRM:

  1. Management of commodity circulation
  2. Sales management
  3. Management of receipts/expenses
  4. Accounting and analysis of sales of goods, products, and services
  5. Maintaining mutual settlements with buyers or suppliers
  6. Accounting for cash flow on accounts
  7. Warehouse accounting of materials, goods, and products
  8. Employee management: accrual of salaries, fines, etc
  9. Integration with Google services
  10. Integration with payment systems

What questions does the solution solve?

  1. Saving money on expensive analog subscriptions with 1C or other CRM systems
  2. Control, management, and accounting of cash flows
  3. Flexibility in the development of additional functionality for the needs of the company
  4. Optimization of the time of the company's specialists and reduction of human resources
  5. Automation of business processes

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