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Not just a website, but an effective marketing tool

What do you think of PHP website development? Until competitors realize the potential of PHP website development, moving forward will be easier.

PHP website development is an investment in a business. When we get down to business, they always bring image and financial dividends. Professionalism plus an integrated approach is the formula for success. Don't let it become an equation with unknowns.

We occupy top positions in industry ratings

Every year we grow in the rankings and take first places in competitions, confirming expertise


We develop turnkey business solutions

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From idea to sales

The result of our work is not just a hosted website, but a stable source of your income. Only proven solutions and no risks.

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Fast and always on time

We know exactly how much time it takes to implement a project, and we always meet deadlines. Just have time to approve the work - and we will launch even the most complex site in a maximum of 4 months.

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Flexible terms
of cooperation

By project or by the hour - we work in a way that suits you. Payment for the result as a whole or at the end of each of the stages - choose for yourself.

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Any tasks

A landing page, an online store, a corporate website, or even a CRM — we can handle projects of any scale. Both on CMS and from scratch. We integrate everything you need: from payment systems to 1C.

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Working mechanism

Programmers, designers, copywriters, analysts, SEO and PPC specialists together form and implement the concept. Only an integrated approach will pay off your investment many times over.

Method of work

How we take you to the top of the search results


We analyze competitors and offer solutions that will bring search traffic and increase the completion of targeted actions.

We competently understand the task and help to achieve the goals of the project

Competent optimization of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines.

We use only proven tactics without risk for business

We constantly prioritize tasks and highlight the most effective ones

We control the implementation of all recommendations and tasks agreed in the work plan

Examples of corporate websites created by Promodex:

We know how to create business tools. Our projects do it even without words.




One Parquet




Still Cool




Elmira Medins






Lestor Seeds


Idealist Coffee




Dive And See


Varvara Home




Art Bullet


IT am Main


Boolat Play




Fleet Care Group Inc.


DVL Express


Orange Club




Virtual Electronics




In Prem






Mini CRM

Portal / Service

Crypto Monitoring Platform

Portal / Service

Booking Health

Portal / Service

Life Changing

Portal / Service

Driver Work

Portal / Service

Web Awards UA

Portal / Service

Europe Medicine

Portal / Service Inc.

Portal / Service

Online Gym

Portal / Service


Portal / Service



Amic Energy

Promodex is your reliable partner

  • We develop a website strategy together with you
  • A team of 5 people is working on the project
  • Hourly pay, transparent working conditions
  • We guarantee the high quality of technical specifications

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What they say clients

We ordered the guys a site on OpenCart, on the one hand, nothing complicated, on the other hand, there were a lot of non-standard improvements, since it was necessary to download a database with goods, with a further calculation of retail and wholesale prices for different groups of customers, promotional discounts that should have worked correctly and displayed to each customer group. So that wholesale and retail trade can exist simultaneously on the same site without harm to wholesalers, but with convenience for retail buyers. In general, the guys did a great job! Thank you, we recommend!

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We have been cooperating with Promodex for more than 4 years, we use a full range of services, from website development, support to promotion. Everything is at a good level, the work is satisfied. We can safely recommend!

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I am already ordering the second site, the deadlines are amazing in their speed. They also gave a lot of advice on niche design. I definitely recommend.

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Worked with Promodex in 2018, redesigned the site (online store). The impression is positive, before that I had experience working with a terrible company, though in terms of SEO, but the sediment remained, so they chose very carefully, revised the offers of several companies, but they chose Promodex by rating, price and overall impression. Worked with the manager Julia. What I liked - everything is clearly on schedule, always in touch, adequate perception of tasks, and subsequent corrections within a reasonable framework (their number and volume are clearly specified), and a fairly loyal price. The guys are really pros, and at the same time they do not break the price. Thank you we will keep in touch!

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We express our deep gratitude to the leader Stanislav for supporting the project and its development. We chose a tender among 10 companies, but we made the right choice! We have been cooperating on seo and development for about 2 years, we are very satisfied. Quality, timing and service at the highest level!

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In the course of our cooperation, we were convinced of the high qualification of the company "Promodex", which provides a full range of services related to web development and the development of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The received results allow to draw a conclusion about a high degree of professionalism and quality of conducted works. The personnel of the company has all the necessary achievements and uses in its work only advanced technologies and an individual approach to each task. Having a successful experience of cooperation with Promodex, we recommend him as a responsible, competent and reliable partner, ensuring compliance with trade secrets and agreements between companies.

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We work on projects for the best

Clients trust us with their advertising from Ukraine, USA and Europe

PHP Website Development

PHP is an incredibly popular programming language. Such globally renowned websites as YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook were built on it. Our PHP web development company can create a top-notch site for you at a reasonable price. It will be highly functional and visually appealing. It will enable you to attract more customers and maximize your profit. It will be easy for you to maintain and develop your web project.

PHP web developers from Promodex Agency have extensive experience and impressive portfolios. They can build any type of website for you: from a simple landing page to a powerful high-load portal. Customer reviews about us have been overwhelmingly positive. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your project's concept, functionality and budget!

Our Custom PHP Web Development Services

Our portfolio features websites from various niches and industries.


When an automotive brand builds a website, it usually pursues three goals: boost its brand awareness, expand its audience and increase its revenue. We know very well how to achieve these objectives. Your website will become a vital instrument for your sales.


We can build projects for any educational level: from preschool to postdoctoral. Our specialists can create a platform for any area of knowledge, be it maths, history, biotechnologies or data science. Plus, we can make versatile platforms that embrace multiple disciplines.


Compared to conventional education, eLearning is more focused on adopting advanced technologies. For instance, it might involve AR and VR simulations. eLearning is often based on gamification. PHP is ideal for experimenting with new educational methods and solutions.


A web project in the finance niche has to guarantee the highest security level. Its interface needs to be incredibly intuitive so that even users with minimum technical experience figure out in just one minute how it functions. Given the fierce competition in this industry, we realize that every design detail is crucial for conversions.


Healthcare-related websites need to be informative and user-friendly. They are usually rich in features. For instance, users can make an offline or online appointment with a doctor, compare the prices of different medical professionals or check the information about a drug.


Insurance might seem a conservative industry but it needs cutting-edge solutions too. The websites that we build load quickly and have rich functionality. They help insurance companies attract and retain clients as well as boost their revenues.


A custom-made online store based on PHP allows you to sell much more goods and services than its counterpart that was built on a generic eCommerce platform. PHP provides excellent personalization opportunities. Your store will stand out from the rest and will have a higher AOV.

Scope of Our PHP Programming Services

The scope of services that our agency provides includes:

  • Custom PHP development from scratch

  • UI/UX design

  • Consulting and business analytics

  • QA and testing

  • Dedicated teams

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

  • Upgrading to the newest PHP version as it goes live

When you place an order for PHP desktop and/or mobile website development with us, all these services will be mentioned in the contract.

Reasons to Opt for PHP Web Development Services

It makes sense to choose PHP for website development because of its following advantages:

  • Thanks to its remarkable popularity, it won't be a problem for you to find top specialists for your project

  • Your project will be launched very quickly

  • The prices for PHP website development services are usually affordable

  • PHP is SEO-friendly, which means you can optimize your website to boost its search engine ranking

  • PHP is responsive, which means the design and layout of your website will nicely adapt to displays of any size and shape

Call or text us and we'll be happy to consult you about any aspects of PHP!

API Development

We offer two types of API development:

  • Third-party API integration. You'll be able to benefit from extra capabilities provided by other vendors.

  • Custom API development. You'll let third parties smoothly connect with your website's data or features.

We'll tell you which option suits you best after you explain the essence of your project to us.

PHP Website Design and Development

The signature features of PHP website design and development are:

  • Interoperation with third-party technologies

  • Dynamic and collaborative open-source design

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Database integration

  • Opportunity to engage web apps quickly and cheaply

  • Dynamism

  • Agility

Compared to other frameworks, PHP is one the fastest and the most efficient. It's an optimal choice for digital products with multiple features and complex functionality.

How We Work

When a client approaches us, our PHP website development company sticks to this algorithm:

  1. Scrutinize the requirements for the project and prepare an estimate. We'll assess your ideas. Optionally, we can carry out business analysis and research the market.

  2. Discuss the design and the architecture of the project with the client.

  3. Draft a contract.

  4. Split the work into sprints.

  5. Begin the development process.

  6. Focus on DevOps, testing, and documentation.

Once the product is delivered, we'll provide ongoing support for it. We'll keep developing it so that it keeps up with the current industry trends. We'll be implementing new features and adapting new software versions. We'll take care of backups and server management.

Hire Dedicated PHP Website Developers

After you contact us, we'll ask you to describe the requirements for your project. We'll decide how many professionals there should be in your dedicated team. For a small project, a team of 3 specialists might be enough. For large projects, we create teams of dozens of professionals.

All team members will be hand-picked so that their skills complement each other. They have already collaborated on various projects before, so they will deliver maximum performance. Such an approach enables you to cut down expenses by up to 40%.

You'll get full control over the team's work activities. At any moment, they will be ready to report to you about the progress of the project and answer your questions.

Our PHP Site Development Tech Stack

Our tech stack includes:

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Data management

  • Optimization helpers

  • HTTP servers

  • OS and platforms

Our team members know how to handle any PHP framework. They can boast a profound understanding of the coding peculiarities of this programming language.

Why Should You Choose Promodex Agency?

Our clients say we're the best custom PHP web development company for these four reasons.

We're a Highly Reliable Partner

Before we start working on your order, we'll sign a contract with you. We'll meticulously fulfill the terms of this document. Our teams always meet the deadlines and deliver products that 100% meet the initial requirements.

Our Team Is Skilled and Stable

All our staff members have been working with us for a long time. We don't outsource random specialists for short-term projects. If a person is assigned a certain task, they will finish it and they will always stay in touch with you.

Your Project Will Be Launched as Quickly as Possible

The time that we'll need to complete your project will depend on its complexity. We work faster than most of our competitors because all our team members are skilled, experienced, and genuinely passionate about what they do. Plus, all our workflows are optimized in a smart way.

We Provide Full-Cycle Services

You won't need to look for third-party contractors to fill in any gaps. We provide 360° PHP website development. Our staff members continuously keep up with the industry trends and promptly implement all the PHP advancements in our workflows.


How much does it cost to build a website on PHP?

The answer depends on the project's complexity level. PHP is equally good for creating small landing pages and large websites, such as YouTube or Wikipedia. First, we'll ask you to share the requirements for your project with us. Second, we'll break down the full scope of work into stages and tasks. If we realize that we need a bit extra time after the website development process has already begun, we'll inform you immediately.

Is PHP suitable for large web projects?

Absolutely. It's ideal for websites that are rich in features, have multiple pages, and have complex functionality. All the pages will load quickly on all devices. Large websites built on PHP are remarkably user-friendly.

What are the primary arguments in favor of PHP website development?

PHP is famous for its dynamism and agility. It offers excellent database integration and makes your website compatible with any browser. It enables you to create interactive UI/UX and engaging web apps quickly and cheaply. PHP is interoperable with third-party technologies. Developers value its collaborative open-source design. Thanks to this programming language, your website will be highly functional and visually appealing.

How long does PHP website development take?

We always strive to work as promptly as we can. The exact time it will take us to finalize a project depends on its complexity. We'll ask you about the requirements for the project and will calculate how long we'll be working on it. We'll explain why each particular task takes this or that amount of time.

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