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DVL Express is an American company that transports oversized cargo in the United States.
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express

Business Challenges

The goal of the project is to develop the design and functionality of a one-page site based on OpenCart 2.3 CMS

This project should be informative for drivers who are looking for work and convey information about the benefits of working in the company.


Provide users of the site with the opportunity to get acquainted with the benefits of working in this particular company, and also, by filling out the form on the site, leave their resume and personal data in the form of an application.


The target audience of the project is drivers from different countries who are looking for work in the United States.

The Promodex team decided to implement the project in the following stages:

  1. Hold a conference with company employees to determine the benefits of working in this particular company.
  2. Analyze the candidate market to determine their priorities when choosing an employer.
  3. Work out the UI / UX of the project based on the analytics.
  4. Implement website design following the company's brand book and modern web design trends.
  5. Implement the required pool of work on the front-end and back-end parts.
  6. Test the project, including load tests, usability, performance, and security.

DVL Express

Technical Information

A team of 6 people took part in the project implementation: project manager, UI/UX specialist, SEO specialist, front-end developer, back-end developer, and QA specialist.

The site was developed using a site management system and CMS Opencart, as this platform meets all technical requirements, as well as customer preferences.

Opens correctly on PC in browsers:

  • Chrome (63+)
  • Firefox (58+)
  • Opera (50+)
  • Safari (10+)
  • Edge (12+)

Responsive version of the site:

  • Full-width 1200px
  • The tablet version is 768px wide
  • The mobile version is 320px wide

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Value Delivered

The Promodex team developed a turnkey solution within 25 working days: from the main idea to the product implementation and conducting a research advertising campaign to assess the perception of a new product by users.

It was decided to develop a one-page multilingual site for 8 screens, with a separate, detailed form for filling in personal data. This decision was made for several reasons:

  • Simplicity of structure
  • Ease of promoting a resource on the network
  • Maximum information content of the resource

The Promodex team has done the work to create a unique and memorable site. All control elements correspond to the design line, and the structure of the site itself is designed so that the user receives maximum information about the company, and can send the company the most detailed application, which will significantly speed up the hiring process:

  • By clicking on the “Fill in the form” button, a pop-up opens with a form for filling in personal data. Since the company needs a fairly large amount of diverse information about applicants, it was decided to divide the form into 3 sections.
  • The first part of the form is aimed at collecting the driver's data - full name, contact phone number and e-mail address, and full address of residence. When you click on the next section of the form (Driver's Certificates), the “Driver Information” section collapses.
  • Section of the form “Driver's certificates”, the applicant sends the company data about his driver's license, as well as his data.
  • In the third part of the form, the applicant has the opportunity to provide the company with detailed information about his work experience - the name of the company, the position held, and the reason for leaving the company. Considering that the applicant can have more than one job, the form was made extensible. By clicking the “add” button, stylized as a “plus” icon, another record field appears in the form.
  • Separately, simple feedback forms are highlighted for maximum conversion.

Adaptive Version

We chose the most popular device resolutions that provide comfortable viewing of site pages at different screen resolutions and on mobile devices.

small phone phone laptop computer
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express
DVL Express

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