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Briefness is not only the sister of talent, but the mother of e-commerce. Today, a long study of information is an exception to the rule. Came, saw, completed the target action - this is the principle of the e-client. That`s why you need a landing. Such a site will give a quick answer to the question of someone who does not intend to wait long.

But briefness doesn`t mean limited in volume. It will be short enough to answer all the customers questions. How to get this balance? You have already done the first step - you find us. It remains only to tell about the company and the goals that face the future landing page. The rest is our concern.

We develop business solutions on a turn-key basis

Going from idea up to sales

The result of our work is not just a website placed on the hosting, but a stable source of your income. We choose only proven solutions and take no risks.

Taking any tasks

Landings, online stores, corporate websites or even CRMs - we can do projects of any scale. CMS or from scratch – it doesn’t matter. And we can also integrate everything you need: from payment systems to 1C.

Representing a well-set mechanism

Programmers, designers, copywriters, analysts, SEO and PPC specialists form and embody the concept together. Only an integrated approach will off your investment many times.

Making fast and always on time

We know exactly how long it takes to implement a project, and we always keep to deadlines. If you manage to approve the work, we will launch even the most complex site in a maximum of 4 months.

Having flexible conditions of cooperation

You can pay for the whole project or for each hour of working process – we are totally client-oriented. You can pay whether for the whole project or for each stage – the choice is yours.

Методика работы
Как нам удается создавать эффективные сайты
  • Определяем задачи
    Согласовываем концепцию, масштаб и этапы будущего проекта. Закрепляем все аспекты в подробном ТЗ. Ведь наметить цель и пути ее достижения — уже полдела.

  • Анализируем конкурентов
    От структуры сайтов до методов продвижения. Не чтобы заимствовать чужие идеи — у нас и своих хватает. Поработав над чужими ошибками, не совершаешь собственных.

  • Проектируем
    Структуру, дизайн и тексты подчиняем законам маркетинга. Предлагаем несколько прототипов. Каждый из них не только привлекает внимание, но и продает.

  • Разрабатываем back-end и front-end
    Как на CMS, так и с нуля. Расширенная функциональность: от платежных систем до 1С. В вашем интернет-магазине будет все, что нужно для бизнеса.

  • Оптимизируем и продвигаем (SEO, PPC, SMM)
    Работаем комплексно. Но в зависимости от ниши выбираем приоритетные каналы. Выстраиваем стратегию так, чтобы они дополняли, а не дублировали друг друга.

  • Анализируем результаты
    Отслеживаем и верно интерпретируем все ключевые метрики. Если требуется, вносим коррективы. Об эффективности можно догадываться, но лучше знать наверняка.

Your reliable partner
  • Compose the strategy of the website with you

  • There is a team, with 3 people, who are working on your website

  • Hourly payment, clear conditionals of working

  • We are garanteed high quality of specifications

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our main achievement is satisfied customers.

CEO, Maxim

Promodex has made me a ready-made business on the Internet and continues to provide it with advertising and promotion. Specialists trained my managers to use the site (assortment management, order processing and customers). The store began selling already in the 2nd month of promotion. Experts in their field. I recommend!

CEO, Fleet Care

In the course of our cooperation, we were convinced of the high qualification of the company "Promodex", which provides a full range of services related to web development and the development of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The received results allow to draw a conclusion about a high degree of professionalism and quality of conducted works. The personnel of the company...

Roman Konstantinovich

From the whole Topolyok team we thank Promodex company for website creating! All works were done quality, special thank for reliable and prompt support after the launch of the site. The company was also involved in setting up integration with 1С and promotion. We recommend everyone to use the services of the Promodex company and we wish the company further growth and development.


Изначально мы сотрудничали с другими разработчиками, которые оказались недобросовестными. Обещанного было много, по факту – полгода времени потрачено впустую. Так как сайт нуждался в срочных доработках, мы искали других партнеров, профессионалов. Обратились в Promodex, сразу почувствовали серьезный подход к делу. Ребята предварительно разобрались в специфике нашего бизнеса, узнали наши по...

Iльйна М.I.

От лица «ООО Производственно-торговое предприятие «ПРОМСТРОЙТЕХНОЛОГИЯ» благодарю нашего партнера – веб-студию Promodex за разработку сайта В ходе сотрудничества специалисты веб-студии проявили себя как истинные профессионалы в области разработки сайтов и продемонстрировали высокие навыки, а также своевременно реагировали на все требования, предъявляемые заказчиком. В результате совместно...


The guys competently and responsibly approach the planning and execution of work on the site. They always approach the solution comprehensively, they have specialists both in website promotion, technical improvements, content writing, and in many other areas. Always comply with the planned deadlines. I recommend.

Kit Work Group

Professional and experienced approach of the Promodex team - was able to translate the idea into reality.

Their experience was able to do faster than others rated my project, as well as cheaper. They’re cheaper - it doesn’t mean not high quality yet.

I express special thanks to Stanislav and Alexander! These are reliable partners, which are now so few in this, and in...

CEO, Andrei B.

Thanks to a Promodex team for a qualitative development. All work is done perfectly. The website was completed on time, all wishes were taken into account. We look forward to our continued engagement. I am pleased with Julia`s and Pavel`s communication. I encourage this cooperation.

Natalia Timchenko

Many thanks to manager Julia and developer Constantine for great work. Have created a portal under the order, and made ir whole quality and fery fast, took into account all the wishes. Recommend, Kharkov.

Denis Yurievich

We have been looking for people who could modify our shop, on oldish Opencart for while. All contractors inevitably made bugs, didn`t know what should thy do then. With Promodex we have implemented new things shift and fixed all faults. Grateful for an effective collaboration and comfortable communication in solutions.


We are so grateful to Promodex for quality and well-timed execution of development work of brend e-shop "Mililook". All work was done perfectly. I especially liked the designer’s approach to the tasks. We recommend the Promodex as a conscientious executor with whom we continue to work to this day.

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Landing page development - from an idea to sales

Correct landing is like a rifle that hits exactly at the target. This is a weapon. One of the most effective in the arsenal of a marketer. We create it “on a turn-key basis”, we are able to handle it and keep our finger on the pulse. Order the creation of a landing page in Promodex - and your weapon in the war for profit will be an accurate, reliable and modern business tool.

Modern is not only about design. The "traditional" approach to single-page sites is out of date. The magic of fake timer and reviews no longer works. It requires analysis of the product and competitors, the synergy of visual and textual messages, work with objections and A / B testing. Will this formula become obsolete? No, an integrated approach is always in trend.

Landing is deceptively simple. One page, heels of building blocks. It would seem nothing complicated. But in order for porridge to turn from “stages” and “advantages” into an effective landing page, the price of which is thousands of times lower than its value for business, coordinated work of a professional and responsible team is needed.

Yes, the key to success is team play. Most agencies start with a layout. The designer creates it alone, based on the theme, corporate identity of the company and his own taste. The configuration of blocks is also on his conscience. The task of the copywriter is to write some text in them. Layout designer - "pull" the layout. Customer - complain about low conversion.

In Promodex, everything is different. The development of the landing page starts with the study of goods, competitive intelligence and the creation of USP. Already understanding what pains should be closed and what objections are removed, the designer and the copywriter agree on the details of the layout. And then they create a selling design and text. Which complement, not contradict each other.

Now it's up to the back-end and front-end developers. Page performance depends on hundreds of factors. In more or less degree. But the curve layout, non-working forms and compatibility problems will definitely reduce the number of leads. Our experts understand the whole burden of responsibility. And therefore, they make everything work like a clock.

But verification is never superfluous. Testers join the battle. Do you think that's all? If you insist, then yes. But what did you expect to get by deciding to order a landing page: only an effective selling page or profit? If the priorities are correctly set, the time for PPC specialists is coming. After all, without targeted traffic, everything is in vain.

Is it possible to order a landing page in Promodex, and contextual advertising - from someone else? Of course. But we’re not just writing ads, but optimizing costs. Including testing various advertising messages. The goal is maximum conversion and ROMI. “Turnkey” Landing page is not just a finished page, but investments that have been justified.

That is why we are one of the leading digital agencies in Ukraine. Including in the field of landing page. Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv - only an integrated approach works always and everywhere. Our landing pages are the runway for your business.

Why should you contact Promodex?

Promodex Studio is not just an IT agency. This is a team of like-minded people who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Search engines develop and update their algorithms, our experts always take this into account and are engaged in self-development in order to keep up with the times.

If you need a modern development of landing page, then you should contact us. You will receive not only a comprehensive and effective solution, but also a resource that meets all the modern requirements of the network.

The turnkey landing page created by the skillful hands of our craftsmen will really work for you and bear fruit. A good landing page is not only high-quality advertising of your company on the network, but also a fairly informative and concise resource for collecting contact information or increasing the target audience.

Do you want to order landing page cheaply but efficiently? Then our team is waiting for you and already knows what to offer you. A quality landing page, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, is one of our core activities.

Looking for real professionals to entrust them with the creation of a quality landing page? Then contact Promodex.

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