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The motto of the company is European quality at a fair price. Oneparquet is a manufacturer and the largest parquet factory in Eastern Ukraine.

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Business Challenges

Previously, the company had a simple corporate website and sold products online through marketplaces.

We received a very interesting task - to create an online store for the sale of the plant's products and combine it with the corporate part of the company. Harmoniously combine everything on one resource and thereby expand the company's capabilities.


The target audience is quite wide: contractors who are engaged in interior design or repair work and retail clients.

The Promodex team decided to implement the project in the following stages:

  1. To study the needs of the customer, and the current marketing strategy;
  2. Study competitors, their chips, and mistakes;
  3. Study the platforms most often inhabited by the target audience, and highlight their preferences and priorities;
  4. Perform analysis of search queries to compile the semantic core of the website.
  5. Create a site structure based on the semantic core;
  6. Work out the UI / UX of the project based on the analytics;
  7. Develop design layouts using the corporate identity of the company;
  8. Develop an online store;
  9. Transfer goods from the customer's store to the prom platform;
  10. Set up the necessary integrations with the CRM system and marketplaces;
  11. Test the project, including a usability test.

One Parquet

Technical Information

A team of 9 people took part in the project implementation: project manager, business analyst, marketer, UI/UX specialist, SEO specialist, graphic designer, front-end and back-end specialists, and QA specialist.

The site was developed on the OpenCart CMS cause it meets all technical requirements and also allows us to implement all the necessary functions.

Opens correctly on PC in browsers:

  • Chrome (63+)
  • Firefox (58+)
  • Opera (50+)
  • Safari (10+)
  • Edge (12+)

Responsive version of the site:

  • Full-width 1200px
  • The tablet version is 768px wide
  • The mobile version is 320px wide

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Value Delivered

The Promodex team developed a turnkey solution within 25 working days: from the main idea to the product implementation and conducting a research advertising campaign to assess the perception of a new product by users.

The Promodex team implemented the design project within 35 days: from the client's idea to the implementation of the online store and its launch.

  • A multifunctional online store that perfectly combines ease of use and the corporate part of the company has been developed.
  • The most convenient product filters have been implemented, taking into account the requirements of users and SEO specialists.
  • Integration with 1C, SMS mailing services, and marketplaces has been completed.
  • The site has a high loading speed.
  • There is a loyalty system - the accumulation of bonuses depending on the amount of the order.
  • In addition to the product catalog, pages with services are set up.
  • Also, we carried out internal SEO optimization, which allowed us to quickly launch website promotion.
  • In the first 4 months of work, the client received more than 120 new customers from the online store.

Adaptive Version

We chose the most popular device resolutions that provide comfortable viewing of site pages at different screen resolutions and on mobile devices.

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One Parquet
One Parquet
One Parquet
One Parquet
One Parquet

Next project

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