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Going to the top is not a goal, but a means.
We work not for the sake of empty traffic, but for sales

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Methods of work
That is how we gain the top of searching
  • We set clear goals

    And this is the half of successes. Complete audit detailed plan, at least for 3 month - and you already know how much will you pay for hit the top.

  • Analyzed the competitors

    From the inner aspects to refference mass SEO is instant fight for positions. Knowing the arsenal of opponents, it is easier to leave them behind.

  • Carry out internal optimization

    From HTTPS to texts and meta tags. Automate it. But do not forget about marketing. Not enough to attract visitors - it is important to push them to target action.

  • Increase the refference mass

    But we only stick to proven tactics. Random purchase of links is the direct path to sanctions. To risk your business is not in our rules

  • Analyzed the results

    Optimized everything, even your expenses. Prioritize measures, that will be the most effective with minimal cost. Report to you

  • Do not lose traffic on the way to the goal

    We take into account the inertia of promotion. While search traffic is only gaining momentum, we provide applications through PPC and SMM.

Your reliable partner
  • Составляем стратегию сайта вместе с вами

  • Над проектом работает команда от 3 человек

  • Почасовая оплата, прозрачные условия работы

  • Гарантируем высокое качество технических заданий

PROMODEX is your reliable partner

We bring to the site not just visitors, but buyers


Choose proved tactics without risks get sanctioned


We carry out all the programm and marketing improvements by ourselves


We guarantee transparency: crearly specifications, exact dates, hourly payments





You just need to do 4 steps and we start to work

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The structure of the website

Search queries analyze is an opportunity to create an extended structure to the servise website. In combination with analysis of competitor sites is effective method, allowing you to achieve traffic goals faster.

Competitor analysis

The start of works based on developing an optimal SEO strategy due to competitor analysis. It helps to get searching traffic faster, reduce business cost, first performing the most profitable changes on the site.

Comparing a promoted website with a competitor’s site, you can identify search queries that are unique to a competitor.In other words - getting missed opportunities to expand the range of services, we get an understanding of which landing pages you need to create.

On the screenshot you can see, that hypermarket Rozetka has mose semantics than Allo. being in place of a person, in this way it is easy to determine in which direction to move.

Our target - create the less-cost strategy for promotion.

our customers'


our main achievement is satisfied customers.

Iльйна М.I.

От лица «ООО Производственно-торговое предприятие «ПРОМСТРОЙТЕХНОЛОГИЯ» благодарю нашего партнера – веб-студию Promodex за разработку сайта В ходе сотрудничества специалисты веб-студии проявили себя как истинные профессионалы в области разработки сайтов и продемонстрировали высокие навыки, а также своевременно реагировали на все требования, предъявляемые заказчиком. В результате совместно...

Natalia Timchenko

Many thanks to manager Julia and developer Constantine for great work. Have created a portal under the order, and made ir whole quality and fery fast, took into account all the wishes. Recommend, Kharkov.

Denis Yurievich

We have been looking for people who could modify our shop, on oldish Opencart for while. All contractors inevitably made bugs, didn`t know what should thy do then. With Promodex we have implemented new things shift and fixed all faults. Grateful for an effective collaboration and comfortable communication in solutions.

CEO, Andrei B.

Thanks to a Promodex team for a qualitative development. All work is done perfectly. The website was completed on time, all wishes were taken into account. We look forward to our continued engagement. I am pleased with Julia`s and Pavel`s communication. I encourage this cooperation.


Изначально мы сотрудничали с другими разработчиками, которые оказались недобросовестными. Обещанного было много, по факту – полгода времени потрачено впустую. Так как сайт нуждался в срочных доработках, мы искали других партнеров, профессионалов. Обратились в Promodex, сразу почувствовали серьезный подход к делу. Ребята предварительно разобрались в специфике нашего бизнеса, узнали наши по...

Roman Konstantinovich

From the whole Topolyok team we thank Promodex company for website creating! All works were done quality, special thank for reliable and prompt support after the launch of the site. The company was also involved in setting up integration with 1С and promotion. We recommend everyone to use the services of the Promodex company and we wish the company further growth and development.


We are so grateful to Promodex for quality and well-timed execution of development work of brend e-shop "Mililook". All work was done perfectly. I especially liked the designer’s approach to the tasks. We recommend the Promodex as a conscientious executor with whom we continue to work to this day.


The guys competently and responsibly approach the planning and execution of work on the site. They always approach the solution comprehensively, they have specialists both in website promotion, technical improvements, content writing, and in many other areas. Always comply with the planned deadlines. I recommend.

CEO, Fleet Care

In the course of our cooperation, we were convinced of the high qualification of the company "Promodex", which provides a full range of services related to web development and the development of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The received results allow to draw a conclusion about a high degree of professionalism and quality of conducted works. The personnel of the company...

Kit Work Group

Professional and experienced approach of the Promodex team - was able to translate the idea into reality.

Their experience was able to do faster than others rated my project, as well as cheaper. They’re cheaper - it doesn’t mean not high quality yet.

I express special thanks to Stanislav and Alexander! These are reliable partners, which are now so few in this, and in...

CEO, Maxim

Promodex has made me a ready-made business on the Internet and continues to provide it with advertising and promotion. Specialists trained my managers to use the site (assortment management, order processing and customers). The store began selling already in the 2nd month of promotion. Experts in their field. I recommend!

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стоимость продвижения сайта — цена вашего успеха

The dream of companies specializing in online sales is to make visitors turn into buyers and do not leave the page without an order. How to turn the Internet site into an effective business tool? We recommend paying attention to SEO website promotion, the task of which is to attract traffic leading to purchases.

SEO website promotion is a set of actions to popularize a resource. It helps to bring the site to the top according to the results of search engines, to lure targeted visitors and, as a result, increase conversion. Everything is logically connected: if the resource is in a high position in the SERP, people are more likely to enter it. After all, most users on the network do not go beyond the first three links.

For website promotion, the price will directly depend on the goals of the customer, his working niche and actual competition in it. Promodex company offers an individual approach to each task, taking into account the client's capabilities (budget). A set of factors taken into account personally for the customer will increase the profitability of the search engine promotion site and will provide a stable income.

For those who sell goods or services online, competent SEO promotion of the site is no less important than traditional advertising. The number of customers who visited the site after a request through Google, Yandex and other search engines will depend on the success of the search engine promotion.

Integrated website promotion

Before the start of a comprehensive website promotion, the latter has a number of initial characteristics: a place in the SERP, technical features, start-up traffic and full materials. When a site promotion is ordered, the price will depend, including on the parameters listed. As well as on the features of promotion (for low-, medium- or high-frequency requests, etc.).

No matter where the process starts, he has one goal: to attract customers and raise the rating. These indicators can be improved almost endlessly. Web Design Studio Promodex offers website promotion and promotion in any city of Ukraine. We will carry out competent search engine promotion of sites, having previously developed a strategy for positioning the customer company in the online space. We will help to create a positive brand image in the network, this will increase the competitiveness of the client and improve loyalty among his customers.

SEO promotion is designed to solve a number of subtasks. It consists of a set of actions and involves competent strategic planning. Integrated site promotion (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv) from Promodex includes the following services:

  • Audit of a resource (analysis of position in a rating).
  • Compilation of the semantic core.
  • Works on internal optimization (code, texts, content, tags, structure).
  • Filling with new content - articles for SEO promotion, high-resolution images, useful video.
  • Relink for building internal link mass (favors the attention of search engines).
  • The accumulation of reference mass from the outside, bringing additional transitions.

A rational idea is to order website promotion from specialists with experience. Promodex has the skills of promoting pages of different directions, 5 years of experience and its own development in CEO. We can be trusted with an online store and info portal, as several hundred customers have trusted. For those wishing to order a search engine promotion site, we will provide examples of statistics before and after the start of work.

Order website promotion

Customers can see for themselves the effectiveness of cooperation with Promodex. Integrated website promotion gives a quick and obvious result in the form of an increase in the number of conversions and conversions. As a result, profit increases and covers the cost of website promotion.

Search engine promotion has one algorithm. However, the "leading" search engine stands out. He has his own statistics showing the following parameters:

  • the number of processed requests;
  • successful requests for each page;
  • where the attendance comes from - from computers or tablets, etc.

SEO site promotion includes continuous tracking of analytics and new products in optimization. Calling the cost of website promotion and promising to bring the latter to the top, our company takes all this into account. Search engines are constantly being improved and refined, their algorithms are changed to ensure honest and impartial search and ranking. New principles are becoming relevant that determine whether the site meets user expectations.

The digital sphere does not stand still, because of this, the promotion and promotion of the site should be adapted to the needs of the market. We take all this into account, apply and constantly study to ensure the optimal result. The company spins the Internet resources created by us and other studios. For SEO website promotion, the price will depend on how the site is initially ready for promotion, how accurately and structured the code is written, whether the necessary little things are provided. We guarantee the quality of our own created sites.

Нужна SEO раскрутка сайтов (Харьков, Киев, Одесса)? Мы с радостью ее выполним. При этом учтем не только общие тенденции, но и особенности, стоящие на повестке дня в регионах. Мы сможем выделить целевую аудиторию по географическому (территориальному) признаку, то есть сделать таргетинг. Как бы странно это не звучало, такое сужение аудитории увеличивает конверсию.

Специалисты компании знают множество секретов, как заставить площадку работать на вас. Заказать раскрутку сайта у нас – действительно хорошая идея!

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