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Varvara Home is a European textile brand. The main direction is linen textiles for connoisseurs of real comfort and homeliness. Exclusive linen towels, linen bed linen and tablecloths, fabrics, curtains, and much more. The brand produces unique collections for maximum comfort and coziness in your homes.

Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home

Business Challenges

Before developing the project, we identified the main tasks that needed to be implemented:

  • Develop a multifunctional online store to enter the online market.
  • Increase conversion by using the latest e-commerce design trends and usability.
  • Attract an audience in the Internet environment without intermediaries.
  • Place orders through the website.
  • Popularization and development of the brand in the European market.
  • Implementation of adaptive layout for all types of devices.
  • Make online payments through the website.


The target audience of the project is EU residents, men, and women of all ages, middle and high-income levels, who appreciate the style and comfort of their homes. The second branch of CA - hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

The Promodex team decided to implement the project in the following stages:

  1. Perform niche and competitor analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Analyze the EU market to identify the most responsive audience. We decided to develop in Germany, France, and the UK based on the data obtained.
  3. Perform analysis of search queries to compile the semantic core of the website.
  4. Create a site structure based on the semantic core.
  5. Work out the UI/UX of the project based on the analytics.
  6. Implement website design following the company's brand book and modern web design trends.
  7. Implement the required pool of work on the front-end and back-end parts.
  8. Make unloading of goods on Amazon, Ebey, Etsy, etc.
  9. Test the project, including load tests, usability, performance, and security.

Varvara Home

Technical Information

A team of 8 people took part in the project implementation: project manager, business analyst, marketer, UI/UX specialist, SEO specialist, front-end developer, back-end developer, and QA specialist.

The site was developed using the site management system and CMS Opencart version 3, as this platform meets all technical requirements, as well as customer preferences.

Opens correctly on desktop browsers:

  • Chrome (63+)
  • Firefox (58+)
  • Opera (50+)
  • Safari (10+)
  • Edgе (12+)

Responsive version of the website:

  • Full-width starts at 1200px
  • The tablet version starts at 768px wide
  • The mobile version starts at 320px wide
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Value Delivered

The Promodex team developed a turnkey solution within 25 working days: from the main idea to the product implementation and conducting a research advertising campaign to assess the perception of a new product by users.

The Promodex team implemented a turnkey solution within 23 working days: from the client's request to the implementation of the website and its launch.

  • The site is in the PageSpeed Insights green zone, which was an essential parameter for the site's SEO optimization.
  • According to the test results, a group of the target audience spoke positively about the usability of the site. its structure and atmosphere. We received 83% positive feedback.
  • Due to the high-quality optimization of the website, in the first 3 months, the site got into the TOP 10 search results for high-frequency vital queries.
  • 6 months after the development of the site, the Customer noted that the attention to the brand as a whole has increased both from the target audience and colleagues from other countries.

Adaptive Version

We chose the most popular device resolutions that provide comfortable viewing of site pages at different screen resolutions and on mobile devices.

small phone phone laptop computer
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home
Varvara Home

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