Analytics Services

Market analysis is one of the key stages in drawing up a business strategy, which allows you to successfully start or reach a new level.

Analytics Services

Sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs think that as soon as they enter the market, consumers will immediately pay attention to their products and services. But in reality, everything is not so simple. Therefore, before you start selling your product, you need to find out what your target audience expects and what competitors offer.

Market analysis is one of the key stages in drawing up a business strategy, which allows you to successfully start or reach a new level of sales and draw the attention of the buyer to your product.

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Analytics Services

Market analysis from Promodex will help you get to know your client better and choose the right way to promote your business. In addition, the results of such a study will be useful at all stages of the further life of your project.

When do you need such an analysis?

  • Startup. If you are running a young project and want to quickly fill your niche, then thanks to our expert assessment, you will not have to hit the bumps, acting by trial and error. Agree, that it is better to immediately go on the right course and gain the trust of the target audience.
  • Search for investors. To raise funding, you need numbers, facts, and sound projections, ideally for the long term. We will help you arm yourself with arguments that will help convince investors to invest in your project.
  • The company is experiencing problems. The level of sales fell sharply for reasons that are not clear to you? Market analysis will help identify and eliminate existing defects by adjusting the marketing strategy.

What does expert market analysis give?

  • You are aware of your strengths. We will identify the features and key benefits of your product, and how they best serve your particular market.
  • Get to know your customers better. During the study, we will collect real data on how your target audience reacts to certain steps on your part. This will help make advertising more effective.
  • Find effective ways to deal with competitors. We will analyze not only the activities of your company but also the main competitors. It is not necessary to use crude methods of dirty fighting. But you can offer customers a higher quality of service or a product with better characteristics. What aspects of cooperation with other companies in your target audience dissatisfied with? We will help you answer this question and get the key to strengthening your position in the market.

Key steps in market analysis

Setting goals. We need to understand whether it makes sense to launch a project or bring the selected product to the market. This will require:

  • evaluate the market capacity and how it is changing;
  • find out how popular your services or product are;
  • identify the main competitors and understand what positions they occupy;
  • identify what external factors affect or may affect the processes taking place in the market.

In fact, in the course of the study, we need to get answers to these questions.

We collect information. Our experts analyze market performance, research demand and target audience, learn more about competitors, and evaluate external influence factors.

We process the data. To correctly evaluate the information, you need to bring it into a convenient form. To do this, we create tables, graphs, charts, and mind maps. This visual format allows you to see the situation as a whole, without losing details.

Let's sum up. We conclude from the received data using special analysis methods.

The collected information helps to develop an effective promotion strategy, build a competent marketing policy, make advertising more effective, create new products and improve existing ones.

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