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Support & Maintenance

Everyone needs support. This also applies to websites.

Work on the site… Work on the site never ends. The publication of new texts, the expansion of the range, functionality, and redesign - your online presence grows with your business. We do it in such a way that support and improvements multiply not sorrows, but your profit.

We prefer OpenCart. But after a thorough analysis, we are ready to optimize and provide new features to sites on other CMS. We provide security. We create informationally and sell content. Whatever we do, we always work for the result. Trust professionals - and improving the site will become an investment in the business.

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Support & Maintenance

A website is like a child: making it is only half the battle. If it’s not about landing, you need regular publication of competent and convincing texts. But one day this will not be enough. Your company is growing. If your online presence can't keep up, you're missing out on profits. Financial or image. It's time for improvements.

Adding new features, integrating new services, speeding up, working on security, and redesigning - site modernization can affect both the back-end and front-end. Yes, sites are like children: it is always more difficult with strangers. Because of the beloved by some "And so it will do!" from the inside, many projects resemble Augean stables. And sometimes even outside.

So why not contact the one who developed it initially? This is the right decision. But the market is full of one-day firms. A few years later they were gone. So always contact those who have been in this field for a long time and not by chance. Then the finalization of the site will take little time and will be inexpensive.

Promodex fixes other people's mistakes. But we do not rush to every such order. Sometimes it’s more difficult to figure out the “crutches” and refactor than to create a new site with the necessary functionality. Especially if the “patient” is replete with undocumented modules or is completely built on a self-written engine.

Therefore, the first step is an analysis and preliminary assessment. However, it's not just about complexity. All technologies are equal, but some are more equal. Refining the site on OpenCart will interest us more than any other. The status of the national leader in this CMS, confirmed by the "IT-Rating" rankings, after all, obliges.

When website development is on the agenda, the price depends on the volume of tasks, and payment is always hourly. We do not waste time, so you can be sure: that if you get down to work, we will minimize your costs.

And yet remember: work on mistakes is not needed if they are not made. The development and maintenance of websites commissioned by Promodex is a design that will remain relevant for a long time, elegant and fast software solutions, as well as high-quality content.

If you immediately turned to professionals, the expansion of functionality will never turn into a disaster.

What are Internet Service Support Services?

Maintenance of websites is a set of works aimed at maintaining their correct and efficient operation at any time. Figuratively, such works can be divided into three groups: one-time services, technical work, and information assistance. What is each of the groups?

One-time site maintenance services include such work as treating the service from viruses, transferring it to another hosting and transferring it from hosting to VPS/VDS and writing content.

Information service provides for the conclusion of a contract and the following types of work:

  • placing the necessary information on the pages of the site;
  • writing and adding the necessary elements;
  • destruction of old and creation of new pages;
  • making changes and improvements to the site;
  • finalization of design and redesign;
  • banner design and so on.

Technical support consists of the following tasks: saving a backup copy on an external storage device, monitoring the timely payment of the site address and its storage location, updating the CMS, monitoring the service's performance, and protecting it from virus and hacker attacks. This also includes services for round-the-clock monitoring of the operation of the service and correcting errors that appear.

If you need professional, qualified, and inexpensive site maintenance and support, contact Promodex, and we will help you. Our specialists know a lot about such matters, we have been working in the field of IT services for several days, so you don’t have to worry, the work will be done honestly, on time, and you will receive a daily report on the work done. We look forward to seeing you!

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