Today, sites that inform potential customers about the fact that a new brand or product has appeared on the market, an unusual promotion from an already well-known company have started are becoming increasingly popular.


Such sites pursue advertising purposes and are aimed specifically at making the visitor interested. Often they consist of a small number of pages and contain little textual information, so they require an attractive and memorable design.

Here it is worth using modern technologies (Flash-animation, 3D) to surprise visitors and involve them in the process of launching your product. At the same time, creative solutions must be skillfully combined with corporate identity elements familiar to customers so that the created site is associated with your brand.

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Ideally, a visitor entering the site will immediately pay attention to promotional and discount programs or the product offered. The site also contains colorful videos, reviews of enthusiastic customers, etc.

Do you want your site to produce a "WOW" effect? Promodex experts will help you with this. We will create an unusual site specifically for your promotion, which will appeal to visitors.

What tasks will such a site help solve?

If a corporate site mainly informs visitors about your company, its history, and products and contains a large amount of content, then a special site focuses on captivating people with a specific offer. This is achieved through unusual design solutions and visual effects that help:

  • To interest as many clients as possible. People like everything beautiful and unusual, so when they get to the site, they will remember your bright statement about themselves.
  • Push to action. Such a site evokes positive emotions in visitors and involves them in the process, so they are much more likely to make emotional purchases. In addition, the structure of the site is thought out: conspicuous order forms and other elements push to make a decision.
  • Create the right associations and brand image. A colorful design using elements of your corporate identity is the best way to do this.
  • Increase customer loyalty to the brand. Such sites evoke positive emotions and have a good effect on the image of the company. This is a way to express yourself clearly.

We recommend creating a dedicated site in situations such as:

  • The emergence of a new brand
  • Market launch of a new product
  • Rebranding
  • Launching a promotion or discount program

This site format does not replace the corporate one and, as a rule, is created for a short period - while the offer that it advertises is relevant. But due to the brightness and focus of visitors' attention on one thing, it becomes an effective advertising tool.

Special site from Promodex: we will pleasantly surprise you and your customers.

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