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Web Portal Development

The Internet portal is like a reference book. If it is impossible to find the information of interest in it, it is just online paper waste. Do you often visit inconvenient and slow sites? And how many of them do you read regularly? That's the same. Meanwhile, without high attendance, there is no stable income. Getting by with a nice design and a freelancer who will "pull" it on the CMS will not work.

The secret of success lies in the comprehensive study of all aspects. From structure and functionality to promotion methods and analytics. Our team has enough knowledge and experience to meet each of these challenges.

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Web Portal Development

Information is still the main value. But the world is owned not by the one who has it, but by the one who knows how to structure it and present it properly. You know since you are on this page. For Promodex, the development of a portal that is convenient for authors and readers, stylish, and resistant to stress is not a problem.

Creating an Internet portal is always 2 key challenges: logical and technical. For more than 7 years now, we have easily answered both. After all, not a trio of a designer, a programmer, and a copywriter works on each such project, but a large team. Which includes UI/UX, SEO specialists, analysts, and testers.

Challenge No. 1. If the structure of the portal is hastily chosen, without understanding the subject and goals, things are bad. In the age of overproduction of information, only a few regularly read uncomfortable and illogical sites. Therefore, we do not start with design, but with the study of the topic and detailed design.

Challenge #2: The feature-rich, high-traffic duo thrashes many sites. But not created in Promodex. We choose productive solutions, keep the code clean, and test on different platforms. When the project is finished, you can be sure that everything works quickly and correctly.

How much does it cost to create a portal? The price depends on the functionality, but in almost any segment we have something to offer you. From budget solutions based on CMS and a ready-made template to self-written projects of any complexity. Public or corporate, horizontal or vertical - we can handle any information portal.

From a few weeks to 4 months, depending on the scale of the project, and you're done. Installment or hourly payment. USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia — we are chosen all around the world. After all, Promodex is your portal to the world of professionalism, transparency, and quality service.

The essence of the Internet portal and what are its advantages?

An Internet portal is not just a website, it is a multifunctional platform with several functions, often it has the character of the main page. Such projects are much cooler than a regular site, respectively, they are more expensive.

The development of a corporate portal should be carried out by experienced and qualified people, as this is the face, image, and reputation of your business. Such a site provides access to all corporate information, it introduces partners, visitors, and customers to the company. Creation of a corporate portal, though painstaking, but very interesting, the specialists of our company are always ready to take on services of any complexity.

The possibilities of such services are unlimited: you can conduct conversations, demonstrate and edit documents, and store text and graphic content. Therefore, the development of portal sites today is very relevant and necessary, especially for large, well-known companies and enterprises.

The Promodex team is ready to help you make such a portal in the shortest possible time at the best price in the region. Order the creation of an information portal throughout Ukraine. Our team has been working on the development and creation of Internet resources for a long time. In our work, we use not only many years of experience, but also modern technologies and software developments.

Corporate portals are a relatively new trend that is just beginning to take root on the web. Do you want to be always one step ahead of your competitors? Then order the Internet portal today. The extensive experience and qualifications of our masters allow us to make work on the portal as fast, productive, efficient, and affordable as possible.

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