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A good website is more than just a stylish design, compelling copy, and thoughtful usability. Working as a team on a concept in which all the elements complement and reinforce each other is where the dog rummaged and found the recipe for success. An integrated approach is its constant ingredient.

We are confident in each of our specialists, and therefore we guarantee the result. Perhaps you have no idea what kind of site you want: detailed or concise, informational or selling, expensive or not very expensive. But we already know for sure: it will be an effective tool, competently tailored to your goals.

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Software development

Do you need quality website development? In Promodex it happens only this way.

It had to happen. Website development has ceased to be magic, accessible only to a select few. The Internet is full of online designers, with which almost anyone can sketch a simple website. But that's the problem, just to sketch. Template solutions, multiplied by inexperience, give a deplorable result.

So, by and large, the rules of the game have remained the same. Making sites that are thought out to the smallest detail, form the right image and bring dividends to their owners, remains a lot of professionals. After all, a successful back-end and front-end hide dozens and hundreds of technical and creative solutions.

Why Promodex? We are always where website development is needed. USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia - we work with the whole world! But never with third-party experts. We selected only the best in their profession for the team, not to rely on random people.

We always provide a comprehensive approach. After all, when a designer creates a layout without regard to the requirements of a marketer, and a copywriter hastily inserts the keys received from the optimizer into an already prepared text, failure is guaranteed. And teamwork gives a clear vision of the result and the shortest path to it.

Therefore, we always know exactly how much time is needed to implement the project. Professional website development is the ability not only to cope with complex tasks but also to do them right on time. Strict adherence to competent and detailed technical specifications is a simple recipe for success. However, we are always ready to promptly discuss and evaluate the amount of additional work.

There is a task - let's do it. And no matter what. From landing and corporate websites to online stores and even CRM/ERP systems. If you want, we will create it on CMS, or if you want, from scratch. And yes, we will build in everything you need: from payment systems to accounting systems. We also integrate with any aggregators.

Is it possible to make websites inexpensively? If you do not impose on the client more different services, regardless of their benefits - yes. Once upon a time, we also started small, so we know the value of money. Therefore, our clients are always aware of what they can save on, and what investments will justify themselves.

And the most important thing. If you hope to succeed, you need more than just website development. The digital space is a huge market, which is not so easy to show up. It is not enough to create a good resource - you still need to fight for the attention of the public.

We will be your ally in this fight. Optimization, promotion, analysis of metrics - entrust all this to Promodex experts. We accompany from idea to sales. And when you are confident in your abilities, go free swimming.

How does the appearance of a website in our studio?

The development and creation of websites is a long and complex process in which both parties must participate, not only the master but also the customer. Therefore, the following stages of creating a good site are distinguished:

  • The development of websites begins with the definition of their goals and purpose. That is, you need to understand exactly for what purposes the service will be used, what information it should carry to the visitor, and what benefits the owner will have from it.
  • Next, a high-quality TK is created - this is the main document, which is then guided in further work with the resource. It is compiled together with the customer, as it is necessary to take into account all his requirements and wishes.
  • After that, the masters begin to create the layout of the future site. Making websites to order at this stage turns into real creativity, as the designer works with the structure of the service, its appearance, and design.
  • If the customer has approved the design project, the layout designer starts working and converts the layout into a digital version.
  • Website development is not complete without quality programming. This is a job for good programmers.
  • The penultimate stage is filling the resource with useful and unique content, that is, the information that needs to be conveyed to the reader.
  • In the last stage, the project is posted on the Internet and tested, so that if there are errors and shortcomings, they can be immediately corrected.

Here is a brief description of the main steps, following which you can have an effective website that works for you in the shortest possible time. Of course, everything is individual and depends on the tasks and requirements of the client, but the general development scheme is as follows.

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